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Dear all, we are more than happy to officially create the first online cv application management system acting both as a shipping job posting database as well as a consultant for new talents that want to discover the cruise industry.

Here, we do not just receive applications/CVs but we actually review them and forward them to our cruise line and shipping business clients.

As a candidate/Crew member you will have an account that you will need to visit on  a regular basis in order to update your profile and make any changes if necessary at your resume. All jobs posted at cruisehospitalityjobs.org are needed by river or cruise lines, yachts, tanker shipping companies and more!

This is the only actual virtual portal that all crew is part of a shipping CV database community that is managed by us at no charge to the candidate! We are very happy to have you onboard as we say here at cruisehospitalityjobs.org,

It’s all about the connections…