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CV Applications Management

Cruisehopsitalityjobs.org is proud to act and manage CVs for cruise lines and recruiting agencies saving them time and money!

By subscribing as a company with cruisehospitalityjobs.org you have the option to choose if you want our team to take care of all cv applications for your job postings and pre-screen your applicants. In detail what we do:

For All cruise lines and recruitment agencies

1) Going through and reviewing the cv applications for your job postings as per your company’s standards and criteria.

2) Interviewing the applicants and providing all necessary information and guidance. Our team is formed by active officers that have worked on cruise ships as Pursers, HR Managers & in land for shipping companies as Crew Managers/HR.

3) We will reference check all interesting candidates and make sure that all information on the cv is legitimate and separate the best applicants.

4) Finally we will send you a short list of the most qualified crew for your job postings (this is depending on company and how many resumes they want to check in order to decide for the successful candidate)

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@cruisehospitality.org