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Privacy Policy

Current Privacy policy is an integral part of Terms and Conditions of cruisehospitalityjobs.org website. It defines which data concerning User are gathered and stored, and informs in what way cruisehospitalityjobs.org does it. Current document distinguishes which data are not stored by cruisehospitalityjobs.org.
The privacy policy may be changed anytime, and it is advised to become familiar with it as soon as possible.


I. Data stored by cruisehospitalityjobs.org:
1. cruisehospitalityjobs.org gathers data given by User only during posting job advertisement. Stored data include information about company’s name and description, first name and surname of contact person, address and phone numbers of the company.
2. cruisehospitalityjobs.org does not require from Users to give their account or credit card numbers.
3. cruisehospitalityjobs.org does not trade Users’ data given during posting process or participate in it in any way.


II. Access to data
1. User has right to browse job advertisements posted by recruiting agencies or their representatives.
2. Recruiting agency or its representative has right to post a job advertisement, to edit and delete it.
3. Information about companies posting job advertisements on cruisehospitalityjobs.org is stored in correlation to a specific advertisement. Removal of all advertisements from a company results in deletion of all data about the company which may be stored on cruisehospitalityjobs.org website.


III. System logs
1. cruisehospitalityjobs.org website may gather information about Users’ Internet browsers, their IP addresses, connection periods, searched phrases, referred websites, and another technical data generated by tools essential to proper functioning of cruisehospitalityjobs.org website.
2. System logs are gathered and stored for administrative, technical, efficiency, statistic, marketing, and ergonomic purposes.


IV. Cookies
1. This website, cruisehospitalityjobs.org, uses cookies mechanism. Cookies are small text files given by websites and saved on User’s computer by his browser.
2. Cookies are used by websites to remember Users’ preferences and to provide customized search results of job advertisements published on cruisehospitalityjobs.org.
3. Cookies files do not contain any personal data of Users. It is not possible to identify User by Cookies files. Also, emails or passwords are not stored in them.
4. It is not possible to download anything from a remote computer by using Cookies.
5. When Internet browser is closed, cookies files are immediately removed from User’s computer.


V. External and advertising websites, and data gathered by them.
1. Privacy policy concerning external websites from which referral links are displayed on cruisehospitalityjobs.org is stated by different regulation.
2. cruisehospitalityjobs.org tries always to make sure that referred websites have similarly high standards of personal data protection as well. However, the website is not responsible for any information User reveals on websites other than cruisehospitalityjobs.org


VI. Data security
1. Advertising website, cruisehospitalityjobs.org, undertakes reasonable security efforts to prevent any data loss, unauthorized access, exploitation, alteration or disclosure of any confided personal data. Passwords correlated with User’s account are stored in an encrypted form which is impossible to decrypt.


VII. Disclosure
1. The Owner of cruisehospitalityjobs.org website does not take any responsibility for the content of job advertisements and errors which may occur, e.g. wrong emails, address or phone numbers. The person responsible for those errors is the advertisement’s owner. Additionally, cruisehospitalityjobs.org is not responsible for displaying obsolete advertisements, unless it results from a failure or malfunctions in website’s system.


VIII. Final resolutions
1. The present Privacy policy may undergo alterations or be completely changed anytime by cruisehospitalityjobs.org’s Owner.  The new version of Privacy policy becomes valid from the moment of publication on the website.
2. The user declares he became familiar with and accepts the present Privacy policy. The owner of cruisehospitalityjobs.org takes no responsibility in case of someone didn’t acquaint present Privacy policy or Terms and Conditions.
3. When someone has more questions related to present Privacy policy, it is advised to use contact form to contact with Administrator.